Thank You to Federated Co-operatives Limited!

FCL LogoA big thanks to Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL) and its Community Builders program.   In April of this year, the program recognized Susan Bradley, Past Chair and board member of Eclipse, as one of its Community Builders.  FCL is giving a $1,000 donation to Eclipse in recognition of the volunteer work Susan has done for us.

We are proud that Susan has been selected by FCL as a Community Builder, and give a big round of applause to FCL for supporting its community through this program.


Second Term Registration Tuesday, January 12, 2016

7707910020_5a71e74459_oThe Christmas Concert is over (what a blast!), and we’re now looking forward to chasing away the winter blues by working our way through through some snappy summer tunes for singin’ in the spring!   Warm company, some great songs, and the ever great duo of Roy Sydiaha as music director and Wes Froese at piano (you never quite know whether you’ll be laughing, singing, or learning about some obscure bit of music theory at any given point in time….).

If you’re thinking about joining, we’d love to have you give us a try.  Registration for the second term of Eclipse will be taking place at Christ Church Anglican on Tuesday, January 12, 2016 at 7:30 pm. The address is 515 28th Street W, Saskatoon. 

If you are new to Eclipse and interested in joining our group, visit our Join page for more information.

(Photo courtesy of Celestine Chua)

City of Saskatoon Volunteer Appreciation Dinner


We’re looking forward to singing at the City of Saskatoon Volunteer Appreciation Dinner being held on April 15, 2015 at the TCU Gallery in Saskatoon.   Volunteers are the part of the lifeblood and soul of this City, and we promise to sing our hearts out for you!

Term 2 Registration

music_by_melintelinas-d3aall1Registration for the second term of Eclipse will be taking place at Christ Church Anglican on Tuesday, January 20, 2014 at 7:30 pm.

The address is 515 28th Street W, Saskatoon. 

If you are new to Eclipse and interested in joining our group, visit our Join page for more information.

(photo courtesy of melintelinas of DeviantArt)

Mid-West Sportswear Sponsors Eclipse Jerseys

Our many thanks to Mid-West Sportswear for donating 35 hockey jerseys to Eclipse for their upcomEclipseJerseying performance at the NHL pre-season game between the Edmonton Oilers and the Chicago Blackhawks on Sunday, September 28th at the Credit Union Centre in Saskatoon.   Mid-West is one of Saskatchewan’s last, and largest, custom apparel manufacturers, and we greatly appreciate their support.

Registration for Eclipse Fall Term 2014

Ready, set, sing!    Fall registration will take place on Tuesday, September 2, 2014 at Christ Church Anglican.   All newcomers are welcome; for more information, visit our Join page.    It’s shaping up to be a great Christmas concert, with fun music, a chance to sing with our ever lovin’ band, and a special guest artist.   Welcome back, welcome home, or just plain welcome.   See you soon!

Registration for Eclipse Spring Term, 2014

4574226786_79b549f796Hello everyone!  Join us in preparing for our 10th Anniversary Year which will culminate in our spring concert “How Can I Keep From Singing” on May 10, 2014!

From our roots in the Refiner’s Choir, we had a dream to form a chorus and we made it a reality.  Eclipse was born in a classroom in Victoria School one hot night in June, 2003 and 10 years later we are still singing and celebrating our joy of music.

Our Spring 2014 concert will be a celebration of our roots, including music from Refiner’s Choir and the best of Eclipse. With our multi-talented Music Director Roy Sydiaha at the helm, we are privileged to welcome back our first Artistic Director Wes Froese in the role of accompanist and our dear friend and beloved guitarist/singer Kenny Marco.

We would welcome you to join our 10th Year Reunion Season:

Spring SeasonRegistration begins January 7 at 7:30 PM at Christ Church (Anglican) 515-28th Street West and on Tuesdays throughout January.  Regular practices continue on Tuesdays throughout the season.

We are hoping to see you — and hear you — in the New Year!

Top 10 Reasons to Join Eclipse Chorus


  1.  It’s fun!  Where else do you get to sing a variety of pop, rock, soul, swing, jazz and gospel live in front of an audience, with a band?
  2. Singing just makes you feel good.  It releases endorphins, the “happy” chemical for your brain.
  3. You make a great bunch of new friends.   And the more you get involved, the closer you become with those friends.
  4. We work hard at giving you the tools you need to succeed at learning your music.   From section-specific rehearsal tracks to a supportive learning environment, we try to make it as easy as possible.
  5. You are part of the larger community.   Our mission is to promote choral singing as an arts form.   An interesting arts form.   A feel-good arts form.  Eclipse is a registered Canadian charity.
  6. Music is good for the brain.   It has been suggested that “…music training does for brain what exercise does for body fitness“.  It makes you smarter and improves certain parts of your memory.   (Now where did I put my keys?)
  7. It builds teamwork skills.  Canadian astronaut Julie Payette credits her years in a choir as helping her be part of the space team.
  8. Your friends and family get to to see you doing something joyful.  The comment we hear over and over again is that we seem to be having so much fun on stage.
  9. You have a say.   Eclipse is owned by its members.  It is managed by a board of directors elected from its members.   Can’t get much more democratic than that.
  10. It is time in the week that is just for you, away from all the pressures of whatever else might be bothering you.   A time to take a deep breath, release yourself, and immerse yourself in sound.   Now what could be better than that?